The K.T. O'Loughlin Library

The Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture houses the K.T. O’Loughlin Library, which was established under the auspices of Southern Cross Bioethics Institute. It is one of Australia's most outstanding consolidated bioethics collections. Our library contains bioethical and nursing ethics books and a wide range of Australian and overseas journals. These publications are chosen for their relevance to bioethics and include clinical and medical ethics, science, genetics, reproductive technology, nursing, aged care, health law, philosophy, theology, politics, disability rights, human life and much more.

The Kevin O'Loughlin collection is available for study purposes for all levels of inquiry including tertiary and secondary school students.

As it is a research collection no loans are made, but for private study purposes, reading and photocopying facilities are available. Staff are also happy to discuss your project or your topic of interest, and assist you in navigating the library.

The Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture and the library are available for consultation or research. Please contact us for details.